There is a couple of different ways to invite users to your Team i Microsoft Teams. You can use a link, add them directly to the team, have users search for the team name or you can provide them with a code. This is not available for guest, only for internal users.

First you, as a Team Owner, have to create the code. 

  1. Go the the Team name
  2. Click “three dots”-icon next to the team name
  3. Select Manage Team
  4. Select Settings and expand Team code
  5. Click on Generate button and you will see the team join code
    • You will see the option to Show code in fullscreen, Reset (generate a new code), Remove and Copy.

When you get a Team join code and want you join that Team you just have to have to code to join it.

  1. Click Join or create a team
  2. In the box Join a team with a code enter your code and click Join team
  3. You are now a Team member and can start to collaborate.