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Meet now in Microsoft Teams

In Skype for Business you have to option to create an ad-hoc meeting without scheduling it first, this can be used if you want to start a quick meeting and “drag” participants into the...


@-less mentions in Team

There is a new feature in Teams that allows you to tag other Team members without first typing the @ sign. When you start to write an name starting with Capital letter you will...


Meeting options in Teams

When you schedule a meeting in Teams you can set meetings option, currently the meeting options is to set who can bypass the lobby. The Lobby in Teams is a place were people that...


Usage reports for Live events

Live events is a feature in Microsoft Teams (also available from Yammer and Microsoft Stream) that allows you to broadcast an event to up to 10000 viewers. When you host and schedule a Live...


July updates for Teams

Microsoft is starting to roll out some new features for Microsoft Teams in now in July. This have been published both on the Roadmap for Office 365 and in the Message center for Office...

Assign a Teams Conference Bridge number 2

Assign a Teams Conference Bridge number

In Microsoft Teams when you assign an Audio Conferencing license you will give that user the ability to create meetings that the attendees can call into. In your tenant you set what default number...

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