In a tweet I read that customers soon will be able to use Meeting Migration Service (MMS) to migrate meetings from Skype for Business meetings to Teams meetings, sometime in May 2019 it will be available for all customers. MMS is a service that been available for users to change the meeting invite when moving from Skype On-Premises so that all Skype information is updated with the new information and soon you will be able to use it when moving to Teams too.

MMS requires that your users have a mailbox hosted in Exchange Online and will search in the user mailbox for meetings scheduled by the user and scheduled in the future (it will not change meetings users are invited to). It will update the meeting information with the Teams meeting information and send out the meeting to all participants.

The meeting block that gets updated by MMS

Whats trigger MMS to start changing the meeting information then? When the user is moved from Skype on-premises to cloud (SfBO or Teams), if admin changes audio conferencing settings or TeamsUpgradePolicy (to either TeamsOnly or SfBWithTeamsCollabAndMeetings) or when admin starts it with powershell (

For more information check and note that MMS will support Teams meetings from May 2019 (sometime).