You can now share conversations from Teams to Outlook. This is a part of the Roadmap item 57389 that will integrate Teams and Outlook. Next part of this is that you will be able to share mails from Outlook to Teams (without forwarding them). Thanks to Michael LaMontagne.

In Teams hover your mouse over a chat thread and you will see a menu, click on the three dots (…) and in the menu select Share to Outlook.

Share a conversation via Outlook

Teams will open a new window within Teams with Outlook and you will be able to send away the thread to someone that don’t have access to the channel or someone in the channel that doesn’t use Teams 😮.

Teams uses Outlook Web App to send the conversation

The receiver of the email will get the whole thread (even if you select only one message) and of course they can see giphys from the conversation.

Conversation received in Outlook