Teams breakout rooms was released a couple of months ago and there been many requests for more features and settings for breakout rooms. Here is a summary of what is coming.

In Message Center three updates for breakout rooms been listed. These will be rolled out mid-April to late April and be supported by all clients that supports breakout rooms today.

1. Room assignment retention (new default behaviour)
Participants remain assigned to their breakout rooms unless the meeting organizer chooses to change them. The assignment persists across subsequent sessions or recurring meetings. 

2. Participant reassignment while rooms are open
Organizers may reassign joined participants across rooms and the main meeting room when the breakout rooms are open. Currently reassignment works only when breakout rooms are closed.

3. Set timers for breakout sessions
Organizers can set a timer for all breakout rooms created in a meeting session via the Breakout rooms settings panel.

These features was also mentioned in the Roadmap feature ID 81372.

Roadmap items

Support for breakout rooms for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

Currently you cannot join breakout rooms when using a Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android device. This will change in April. Roadmap ID 68745

Breakout Room Presenter support

This might be the most requested feature, to allow others than the organizer to manage breakout rooms. Why not release that first you might say now, well I guess that changing the permissions for management is a bigger change in the Teams architecture than adding timers. Roadmap ID 81118.

New assignment experience in modal window for Breakout Rooms

When you assigning participants to breakout rooms you will get more options, ex. sorting participants and multiple selections when assigning to a room. Roadmap ID 81389.