Teams roadmap watch: December 2019

There is many new features coming to Microsoft Teams in December 2019 if you read the roadmap for Microsoft 365. Some of the features might be postponed to later and some that will be released in December 2019 might not show up in your tenant until early next year. I will summarise the features listed in roadmap as “in development” and targeted for release in December 2019.

Multiteam Support in Shifts

Microsoft Teams – Real Time Presence

Currently the Presence can be a bit slow to update and you can’t always trust it. After this update I hope it will be almost instant as in Skype for Business.

updated 2020-01-02
Postponed to Q2 2020.

Microsoft Teams – Dynamic Emergency Calling for Direct Routing

Dynamic Emergency Calling is available for Calling Plans and allows you send determine your location and send the emergency call to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This feature is only for United States.

Microsoft Teams – Teams Voice Platform

This is three APIs that are going to be released in General Availability in December. The Contact Center Integration will allow you to install a third-party application that receives calls for your Teams users, for example for Contact Centers and Attendants. One limitation in the preview of this API is that you can’t make outbound calls to PSTN, so if you get a call into your application and want to forward that to an external number that is not possible.

The Presence API is another thing that we been waiting for, Plenom and Embrava that sells busylights will be able to use this to read Teams presence and Attendant applications will be able to read presence and show for attendants. One limitation we know compared to what you could do in Skype for Business is that this Presence API will only be able to read presence and not write. One reason that you want to write presence could be if you as a Telco want to set the status “Busy in a call” for a user that is talking in their mobile phone (not a Teams call).

updated 2020-01-02

Changes in Incoming IP Video policy

In meeting polices for Teams administrators have the option the turn on or off the setting “Allow IP Video”. Currently this setting will only prevent users to send video from their devices but they can receive video from others. After this update when “Allow IP Video” is disabled it will be disable both outbound and inbound for users with that policy. This is useful if you have users located on sited with low bandwidth.

updated 2020-01-02
Will roll out March 2020 – June 2002

Teachers get early access to class teams created with SDS

In Teams for Education it is possible to create Teams from another system using a School Data Sync, so when a new class is added in the school system a Team will be created automatic with the right students as team members. With this update Teachers will be able to prepare the Team first before allowing students into the new team.

Microsoft Teams – “Colleague joined Teams” notifications

Like in Yammer you will get an notification when a colleague joined Teams.

Targeted communications in Microsoft Teams

Instead of mentioning a person you will able to mention a role, maybe @IT-support and all users with the Title IT-support will get a notification.

Media optimization for Microsoft Teams Calling and Meetings for Citrix VDI

With this update you will be able to use Teams Calling and Meetings in Citrix VDI. What they will do is to have the media stream outside of the Citrix session, so the media will go from Teams servers to client computer instead of going via the Citrix server. This was a function that worked with Skype for Business too and now it is coming to Teams.

updated 2020-01-02

Teams for Linux client

updated 2020-01-02

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