Teams meetings: Presenter and attendee roles

In Teams meetings everybody are Presenters. With the presenter role you can mute others kick them out from the meeting or take over the meeting and start presenting. In larger meetings this can be a bit problematic. But now with a new feature you can select who should be a presenter and should be attendee, this is controlled from Meeting Options for your meeting. Earlier you were only able to control who could bypass the lobby in Meeting Options, read more about it here.

Roll out starts: mid-November
Roll out completed: Late November

When you schedule your meeting in Outlook you have the option “Meeting Options”, click on that link while holding CTRL-button.

Here you can select who should be a presenter (Who can present?).

  • Everyone (default) – This is the option that will be selected if you don’t change anything. Everyone in the meeting will be a presenter when they join.
  • People in my organization – People in the same Office 365 tenant as you will be presenters when they join the meeting
  • Specific people – Select who should be a presenter. You have to send the invite util you can select other presenters.
  • Only me – The egoistic choice but maybe the easiest.
Specific People

To select specific people send your invite first, then select the meeting options link. You can only select people from your organisation, not external attendees.

  1. Select Specific People in the “Who can present”-dropdown (1).
  2. Search for a participant (have to be invited to the meeting first (2). Or:
  3. Use the drop down to select one or many presenters.

Change in an active meeting

If you have an active meeting and what to change a presenter to an attendee role instead first click on the People button.

In the People pane select select More options (…) next to the person you want to make an attendee, then select Make an attendee. You will get an warning first, select Change on that to perform the change.

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