Teams roadmap watch: January 2020

Let’s look at what is listed for release in January 2020 for Microsoft Teams. I’ve checked the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and filtered out Microsoft Teams updates and everything listed as “In development” and release “January 2020”. This release date is just an estimate and can be changed, but at least we will know what will be released soon.

Read Receipts in private chats

When this feature is rolled out you will be able to see if your co-workers read your chat message or not. This might get the chat in Teams to be more instants, since the receiver of the message will know that the sender can see that they read it. But it will be possible for administrators to turn this off completely or allow user to turn it off by themselves.

Microsoft Teams – Teams/Skype Consumer chat and calling interop

You will be able to contact Skype consumer users from Teams. This is a feature we have in Skype for Business and been requested in uservoice, at first Microsoft said this will not come to Teams but they changed their mind and now it is coming soon (actually it been postponed a couple of times already).

Enable organizers to change lobby settings for PSTN meeting participants

Meeting Options page, you can find it when you schedule a meeting and when you check your meeting invite, gets more settings. With this setting you will be able to set if users that calls into meetings have to wait in the lobby or not and you will be able to do this setting per meeting.

Announce when PSTN participants join/leave the meeting

Also in the Meeting Options page, you will be able to set if there should be an announcement every time someone that dialed in joins of leaves the meeting. This can be annoying in some meetings but see it as a security feature, so you know who is attending your meeting. This setting will also be per meeting.

Teams-Outlook Email Integrations

This feature was shown at Ignite 2019 and will allow users to move a e-mail from Outlook to Teams, including attachments. It will also allow users to copy an conversation in Teams to an e-mail in Outlook.

More info

Class Insights in Teams

This feature update is for Teams Education tenants. Read more about the feature here:

Enhanced scheduling form

When scheduling meetings from Microsoft Teams you will get more options. Improved scheduling assistant, time zone picker, availability status on people and locations, option to add required and optional attendees, and more.

Roadmap watch December 2019

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