Live Events is a feature if you want to host a meeting for more than 250 participants, that is the limit for regular Teams meetings. In a Teams meeting all participants can speak if they unmute themselves, but in a Live Events meeting you have a few presenters talking and all others are viewers that just listen and watch the Live Events stream.

One problem when producing these Live Events has been that all presenters and producers of the Live Event had to be internal users, so if you wanted someone external presenting you had to create an account for them and that could cause some security issues.

With an recent update we can now invite External users, both Guests and external users without a guest account in our tenant. This was posted in the uservoice requesting this, Guest Presenter in Team Live Event Meeting.

Schedule a Live Event with external presenters

In your Teams Calendar click on the small arrow next to New meeting and select Live event.

Write a Title of the meting and select Start and End Time, you can also select a location. And then start to invite people.

You can invite a user that have a guest account in your organisation, you will see (Guest) behind their name if they are guests. They also have to be member of a team in your organisation.

And you can invite external users without an guest account in your organisation, just type their full E-mail address and press enter.

Make sure that you select producer or presenter for each participant you invite. When all users that are going to present and produce the meeting is invited, click next. Below

Next select if it is going to be an internal event or a public one, you can also activate Q&A here if yo want that in your meeting. Then click Schedule to send out an invite to all

Join a Live Event as External Presenter

You have now received an invite to a Live Event Meeting and you can open it from the Teams Calendar (or your Outlook calendar). In Teams Calendar you will see some information about the meeting, you can start Chatting with the other producers and presenters and you can copy the attendee link by clicking Get attendee link.

To join the meeting as a presenter or producer click on the Join button.

This will take you to the Pre-join window where you can select audio and video device. Note that above the meeting Title it says Join as presenter. If you want to join as an attendee instead click the Attendee button in the bottom of the window. When you are ready to join click Join now. Your video will not go out live until a producer selects to do that, everything you say or write will stay between producers and presenters.

When you are in the meeting you can it looks like a normal Teams meeting, but you can see if it is Pre-live (not broadcasting) or Live (the broadcasting has started).

Join a Live Event as Guest Presenter

This is for you that have an guest account in the organisation hosting the Live Event. You will get an calendar invite as the external user, but if you try to join the meeting you will join it as an Attendee.

You are joined as an attendee and the meeting hasn’t started

To fix this open the calendar invite, scroll down and right click on the Join live event link and select Copy Link.

When you have copied the join link click on your organisation in upper right corner of Teams client and select the organisation that invited you. This will switch to that organisation instead. If you don’t see this option to switch organisation or you don’t see the organisation that invited you, then you are probably not a member of a Team in that organisation.

Since you can’t reach your calendar from Teams when you have switched to the other organisation it is good that you copied the join link. Paste it to a web browser and select to open Teams client, this should take you to the Live Event meeting and you should be able to join as an presenter or producer.