Photo by Andre Mouton on Unsplash

A question that pops up now and then in social media and different forums like the Microsoft Tech Community is why there is an mirror effect on the camera in Teams. Now when you can set custom backgrounds you maybe uploaded your own background with a company logo or some text and noticed the text was flipped horizontal.

If you open the settings in Teams and select Devices you will see a preview of your camera, as you can see if you show something with text, the text will show backwards. Now take the same object and find a mirror and you will see that it shows the text in the same way, mirrored.

Preview will show your camera mirrored, any text will be backwards.

When you check your self view in the meeting you will notice the same, the camera will be mirrored.

Self view mirrored in the meeting too.


But now to the most important part of your camera image, how does it look at the view side? Is it mirrored for them too? No, it shows the correct way. So if you have a custom background with text or show something in the camera with text, the other meeting participants will be able to read it without holding a mirror in front of their screen.

Image shown the correct way for other participants.

Change this now!

You might want to change this, some users don’t like it or say that their users can’t work with a camera image that is mirrored. First I think that most users are used to using a mirror and as long as they are informed that other participants will be able to read text they show in their camera it will probably not be a problem. Also at least I think it is easier when the camera works as an mirror.

Still want to change it? There is a uservoice requesting a toggle setting for this so that each user can change this. Go in and vote for the uservoice and also write some about what problems you have with the camera self view being mirrored. Uservoice Toggle video camera mirroring on or off for Teams calls

Microsoft updated their uservoice post with the information that they are planning to add a toggle, no ETA.