Microsoft is starting to roll out some new features for Microsoft Teams in now in July. This have been published both on the Roadmap for Office 365 and in the Message center for Office 365 administrators.

Teams Channel Cross Posting

Update 11 July: Microsoft announced that this feature will be released later and not in July as first announced.
With this new feature you, as an author, will be able to post a message to multiple channels at the same time. You can post to multiple channels within the same Team or post to channels in different Teams. If you edit the message in the source channel this will also change in the other channels that you posted to.

Photo from Microsoft
Photo from Microsoft

This update will start to roll out mid July and should be rolled out to all tenants by early August.

Teams @-less mention

When you want to tag someone in a message today you start with an @-sign and then you continue with their name. But now when you start typing a name of a Teams user you will get the suggestion to tag them without starting with @.

Photo from Microsoft

Simply start typing their name with a capital letter and then select the right contact from the list of suggestions.

This new feature will start rolling out in mid July and should be rolled out to all tenants by end of July.

Send feedback to Microsoft Teams

With this new feature users will be able to share feedback directly to Microsoft how to make Teams better. When the feature is rolled out users will see this option in the Help menu. And the feedback will be sent as “Support data” under your organization’s Office 365 agreement, so administrators should be able to follow all the feedback that is sent to Microsoft from Office 365 admin portal.

If administrator don’t want all users to be able to post this feedback they can disable this with a policy.

Create a new policy
New-CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy -identity "Feedback Policy" -userInitiatedMode disabled

Grant the new policy to a user
Grant-CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy -Identity -PolicyName "Feedback Policy"

This feedback feature will rolled out to all tenants by the end of August.