If you been helping users in Skype for Business before and now moved to Microsoft Teams you might miss the ability to change call settings for users using PowerShell, a tool called SEFAUtil was available for Skype to do this. This have not been possible in Teams until now, Microsoft have released an Public Preview of a new PowerShell module for Teams that will allow you to manage end-user call settings.

Five new PowerShell cmdlets are available.

To get these settings you have to update your Teams PowerShell module to version 3.0.1, available here: PowerShell Gallery | MicrosoftTeams 3.0.1-preview


View settings and set forwarding to a user is done with Get-CsUserCallingSettings and Set-CsUserCallingSettings.

Get-CsUserCallingSettings will show settings for a user
Set-CsUserCallingSettings will set calling settings for a user, in this case set SimRing to a user
Call forwarding settings updated in Teams client.

Note that if you check your Teams client direct after a change, the updated settings will not show in your Teams client. Wait a couple of minutes or restart your Teams client to see the setting, but the setting will be working directly after you set it with PowerShell.

You can also set and manage Delegate settings.

In this example we set user Alexw as a delegate to Adelev.

And when we check the Teams client of Adele, we can see that Alex is added to shared lines and that he is supporting her.