When Teams Phone Mobile was released last year we could see a Mobility Policy that allowed users to decide if they wanted to answer calls in native dialer or in Teams app, but there where no setting for that in the Teams mobile app. Now we have that setting and users can select, and change themselves, where they want to answer calls.

Cellular Phone or Teams app is available option on Android, Teams app or Mobile Phone is the options for iOS users.

First make sure that you assigned a Mobility policy with the mobile dialer set to “User controlled”.

When the policy been applied users should be able to see the Incoming call setting in their mobile app. Open Settings > Calling > Incoming call setting and select to receive calls on Cellular Phone or Teams app.

One thing that is interesting is that in policies and documentation it is called “Native Dialer”, on Android it is called “Cellular phone” and for iOS it is called “Mobile Phone”. What do you think is the best name, than users will understand?

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