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@-less mentions in Team

There is a new feature in Teams that allows you to tag other Team members without first typing the @ sign. When you start to write an name starting with Capital letter you will...


Meeting options in Teams

When you schedule a meeting in Teams you can set meetings option, currently the meeting options is to set who can bypass the lobby. The Lobby in Teams is a place were people that...


Teams notifications that help you

During meetings and calls you can get some notifications that helps you to get a good experience. When you are in a meeting but Teams don’t get any audio from you. “Teams can’t hear...


Tag someone in Teams

If you want to get some quick attention from someone you can tag them in your message by using @ with their name. This will show their full display name buf if you just...


Call Group in MSTeams

When you get an call in Microsoft Teams that you can’t answer you might need some help from your colleagues to answer that call. In Teams you can now set up Call Groups with...


Quiet hours in Teams

If you don’t want notifications from Microsoft Teams on your mobile phone you can activate Quiet hours and Quiet days. During these hours or days you won’t get any notifications on your mobile phone,...

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